2024 Black Womxn’s Retreat

In 2024, we again invite you to rest, rejuvenate, and connect to beloved community and the rhythms of nature.

2024 Black Womxn’s Retreat, Galilee Episcopal Camp

June 7 thru June 9, 2024

2024/06/09 22:43:32

Mornings will include gentle or moderate to vigorous Hatha Flow practice, meditation, discussion, and dance. Afternoons will include free time to soak in the serenity of nature, take a dip in the lake or organized excursions to hiking, kayaking, and breathtaking views. Evenings may include meditation, gentle Yoga, and community building. Private and group therapy sessions are available with Shirley Johnson to support healing and post-traumatic growth.

Embark on a collaborative journey of freeing our hearts, minds, bodies from limitations of white supremacist, hetero-patriarchal, capitalist conditioning. Explore our shared and diverse experience as Black womxn, celebrate our beauty, and connect to ancestral wisdom. Satya teaches in a radically inclusive way with a focus on therapeutics, alignment, and preventing injury.

This retreat is reserved for self-identifying Black womxn. Black includes those from the African diaspora including multi-racial womxn. Womxn or women includes Trans womxn, gender non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid, cis-gendered womxn, and gender expansive or anyone who has had an experience of feeling marginalized because of the way they move in the world as a womxn. Black womxn of all levels of experience, 18+ in age, religions, abilities, immigration statuses, sizes, and sexual orientations are welcome and celebrated.

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