Soul Flow Offerings

Online Classes

Shelter in love, awareness, and virtual community! Each of Satya’s classes are unique, personalized, and offer heart wisdom for difficult times.

Pre-Recorded Classes

Practice anytime in the comfort of your own home. Download the class and enjoy lifetime access.


Immerse yourself over a single subject or technique over the course of an afternoon, weekend, or series of weeks. Drop into a deeper layer of self, study Yoga philosophy, connect to community, and say YES to radical-selfcare.


We have a deep longing within us to retreat and immerse ourselves in nature and self-study. SoulFlow Oakland retreats bring together spirituality, nature, community, body awareness, social justice, and meditation.

Rewild yourself yourself in hot springs, beaches, and redwoods in these soulful, reflective journeys.


Connect to the power of mindfulness in your workplace or for your unique group.

I can customize an experience to meet the needs of your group.  Sessions with SoulFlow Oakland can include Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Basics, Restorative, Chair Yoga, Partner Yoga, Non-violent communication workshops, anti-racist and inclusion trainings, and community building.

Tap into the benefits of the practice without having to use a mat or have special clothes.

Private Sessions

In these difficult times, our practice is more important than ever. A private Yoga or Meditation session can help you focus in on where you are struggling, meet you exactly where you are at, or reignite your commitment to serve the greater good. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, working with difficult emotions, or beginning a practice, I would love to support you. I’m offering sliding scale virtual sessions. A few sessions are available every month for less than $54. Please email me for more information. Sessions take place either on Zoom or in person with socially distancing and masks.

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