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Satya's Bio

Offering 13 years of experience teaching yoga, Satya de la Paz (she/her) inspires students to fall in love with their bodies and their practice. Deeply inspired by her years as an educator in West Oakland, she infuses dynamic alignment, chanting, storytelling, and community-building into her classes.

Satya offers Yoga as a means of collective and personal liberation and decolonization: accessing our innate healing capacity through therapeutics and compassion, meeting media-driven body shame through mindfulness and affirmation, freeing the heart of resentment and blame, and healing the mind of ableist and hierarchical ways of moving and acting. Multiple expressions of poses are offered as students are encouraged to listen to their own body wisdom and access needs.

Satya is deeply grateful for her mentor, Abby Tucker, as well as all of her dharma and movement teachers, Sally Kempton, Rob Preece, and Sianna Sherman. Honoring the traditions of Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism, she empowers multiracial, multi-gender, and multigenerational groups to awaken their true nature of awareness and bliss.

Off the mat, Satya is active in social justice movements, dances, gardens, and cooks.

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Raj Escondo - Instructor

Raj Escondo (pronouns: she/they) is a Filipinx and South-Asian/Indian personal development facilitator and yoga instructor. She infuses a sense of groundedness, refection, and connection with her background as a yoga teacher and in her professional work within leadership development, social justice, and community partnerships. Born in the Philippines, rooted in Chicago, and transplanted to the Bay, Raj supports folks in finding a compassionate and cozy home within themselves to move towards interconnection with others, the land, and ancestors. Her movement practice strengthens one's interoception skills supporting folks with histories of trauma, overwork, and stress to decompress and look within. Raj believes in a life of interdependent abundance, compassion, and ease as the path towards liberatory justice. Her class will bring you back to the breath, body, and present moment.

SoulFlow Vision & Mission

SoulFlow Oakland is co-creating a world where everyone can thrive, healthcare--including Yoga & Meditation--is a human right, and we are in rhythm with nature. We are part of a global movement that honors and respects the roots of Yoga, centers Black, Indigenous, and POC (People of Color) needs, and lifts the voices of the South Asian community.

During these difficult, pivotal times we are committed to offering healing, trainings, retreats, gatherings, and resources that access the whole self, ignite joy, and inspire our most courageous heart toward wise, compassionate action in the world.

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