Yoga for People of Color with Soul Flow (Sat) (Outdoor)

We come together every Saturday as a community of people of color to practice, cultivate mindfulness and resilience, and to remember the power and love we emanate. Build strength and flexibility in this Vinyasa flow yoga class led by Satya de la Paz. There is a lot of space to spread out and there is some shade. Please practice personal distancing and wear your mask unless you are on your Yoga mat. Please bring all your own yoga props: mat, blocks, and strap if you have them.

Yoga for People of Color with Soul Flow (Saturdays)

One translation of Vinyasa is “moment to moment awareness.” Satya expertly weaves in foundation and alignment into dynamic flowing movements as students flow from one pose to the next. Some variations are offered as folks are encouraged to listen to their own body wisdom and access needs.

Each class has a unique, inspiring theme and personalized instruction to cultivate safety and body awareness. This class is appropriate for students that have an existing yoga practice, or have at least 6 months experience with Yoga basics, or other wellness or fitness programs involving body movement.

Please note: This class is for self-identified People of Color only. Multiracial folks welcome.