In order to experience your zoom class at its best you’ll need to think about the following: Make sure you download so that you can login in to the class. You want to look at downloading Zoom Client for Meetings (for computer) or one of the Zoom Mobile Apps (for phone or tablet). What device are you going to use to view the class? Is it big enough to see the instructor, if not you can think about streaming it to your TV if possible or logging in on a laptop. The class audio and music will only sound as good as the device on which its being played so its worth connecting it to a music system if possible. It will be fine if you can’t do that, its just a good way to get optimum audio quality. If you’re logging into online yoga nidra as there is relatively little to no movement in the class you could connect using your head phones which will provide a lovely sound. Create the right environment by dimming lights, making sure you have any props to hand and shutting yourself in a quiet area of your home Make sure you have a warm jumper or blanket to hand for the cool down segment of each online yoga class.

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